Happy Holidays to everyone!

We have had a wonderful year in P1!

Here is our Poem that we made up all about our year in P1.

We hope you like it from P1a.


P – P is for Playing with our new friends. We love playing in the sandtray.

R – R is for Reading. We love getting new books. Biff, Chip and Kipper are funny and we love Floppy!

I – I is for Imagining stories.

M – M is for Maths. We love to do hard sums! Particuarly Take Away sums.

A – A is for Art. We loved making Dinosaur pictures and Cavemen Art.

R – R is for running in the playground and in the gymhall with our friends,

Y – You get a lot better at maths in P1 and you learn to do harder sums.


O – O is for learning to do Odd and Even numbers.

N – N is for Numberwork and for getting new spelling and reading words.

E  – E is for Everyone is great in P1! We have so much fun together.


We hope you liked our P1 poem.

Happy Holidays everyone!

From P1a.




Bellfield Park and Inverness Museum

We had a wonderful day in Bellfield Park and Inverness Museum.

The weather was lovely and we had great fun at the park 🙂

A lady called Cait taight us about fossils. We got to touch them and learn about how fossils are

made. We also got a chance to look around the Lego Exhibition before we left. We really enjoyed it!

Thank you to everyone for your help with this great day 🙂

From Miss Macarthur

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Parent’s Information Evening- Numeracy


Lochardil Primary is hosting a Parent information evening on Numeracy. The aims of the evening will be to raise awareness of:

  • Developments in teaching of numeracy
  • How parents can help
  • Numeracy resources used in school

The event will take place on Tuesday 16th June from 6.30-7.15 in room 9.

A further session will take place in the hall on Thursday 25th June from 1.45-2.15 to experience how numeracy is delivered in the classroom.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Tennis Summer Camps


This is a sports camp based on tennis with the addition of Bubble Football, Putting, Frisbee, Parachutes and much more fun and exciting activities. Come and join in the award winning summer camps and hope to see you there.

Mini tots classes, Adult coaching and Individual coaching available throughout the holidays. Please contact for more info. Details below.

Inverness Tennis Academy, Bellfield Park, IV24SZ     Email – miketenniscoach@gmail.com

Website – www.bellfieldpark.co.uk     Contact – 07795 323245


                                    WHATS AVAILABLE

*There are no camps on week 2 due to the Inverness Open Junior & adult tournament that is being held. Entries can be given to Mike Martin on 07795 323245

Full day 0900-1600                       Weekly £70/Daily £18

Mornings only 0900-1200           Weekly £40/Daily £10

Afternoons only 1300-1600         Weekly £40/Daily £10

Tiny Tots (4-7 yrs) 1200-1300     Weekly £25/Daily £6

Early Bird Drop Off 0800-0900   Weekly £10/Daily £3


Week 1 – 6th Jul – 10th Jul                                 If you would like to book your child in for

Week 3 – 20th Jul – 24th Jul                             Summer Camps please contact details above

Week 4 – 27th Jul – 31st Jul                             with Name, Age, DOB, Med conditions of child

Week 5 – 3rd Aug – 7th Aug                             and also email, contact and name of parent

Week 6 – 10th Aug – 14th Aug                         alongside the dates and sessions attending.



Ice Cream van -Thursday 2nd July

On Thursday 2nd July the Parent Council have kindly invited an ice cream van to come to Lochardil Primary School to give out ice creams to all the children. Please could you let the school know ASAP if you do not wish your child to have an ice cream.   Thank you to the parent council for this very generous gift.


Mrs Beattie